Epicor Services

Experience is the difference between a good consultant and a great consultant

My Services

As a specialist in Epicor ERP I can keep your project moving forward.

My experience and mixture of skills means that, no matter where you are in the project life-cycle, I can bring a huge amount of knowledge and technical expertise.

Advice and assistance

If it is just some simple advice and basic assistance from an expert in the Epicor ERP application that you require then I'm the consultant to help. Get in touch today and we can discuss you're requirements. My skills and knowledge ensure that I can usually assist on any issue.

Development work

If you need development of a specific piece of work or you require an experienced Epicor consultant to work on a larger project then you can be sure that I have all the skills and experience necessary to develop the perfect solution.

System admin and support

Whether you are just starting with Epicor, upgrading, or have been using Epicor for a while, support from a specialist is extremely useful. You can also rely on me to be available to provide any workshops or system admin you may require.

Service Connect

I am an expert in the use of the Epicor Service Connect application and have been developing interfaces and adding automation into the Epicor application for many years. Experience in the use of the Service Connect tool and of the main Epicor Business Object Methods is paramount in creating solutions that run fast and efficiently and carry out clever and easy to manage error handling.


Business Process Management (BPMs) within the Epicor application can be used for many tasks such as adding validation or automation. Many can be created using the wizard tool within the Epicor application but more advanced BPMs require programming knowledge. My knowledge of ABL programming (for Epicor9) and C# (for Epicor10) means I can bring these skills to the table to help you get the most out of the Epicor application.

BAQs/Dashboards and Reports

If your requirement is to get clear and concise information out of Epicor then I have lots of experience to help make that happen. I can create basic and advanced BAQs and Dashboards as well as customise your standard forms or create new reports for you from scratch, be it in Crystal Reports or SSRS. Perhaps you need an automated export of a certain set of data in CSV format? No matter what the challenge then you can be sure that I have the skill set to get it done. For your standard forms such as Order Confirmation, Purchase Order, and Invoice forms I have provided a quick tutorial which explains how you go about setting up Epicor to run your customised reports rather than the standard forms.

Training, Assistance and Advice

An approach often taken when implementing Epicor is for your training in all of the key areas of the application to be taken early on in the project. This becomes a problem when efforts are focussed on a specific task (such as data take-on) and months pass without much time using the application meaning many important training lessons are forgotten. I can provide on-going support and assistance as well as fully tailored training courses and workshops to help you get up to speed with the need-to-know areas of the application. I find that workshops that focus on a specific business need provide by far the best value. In the meantime I am always adding tips and advice to my website to help you along so please check out my Epicor Training category or my blog for help and tips.