Setup Epicor to run your customised report forms

20 January 2015 - Displays and Reports, Epicor Training and Tips - Luke - Comments Off on Setup Epicor to run your customised report forms

An overview of how you can adjust Epicor to ensure that your customised forms (such as Order Acknowledgement and invoice forms) are run rather than the standard Epicor forms.

First of all you should ensure that you have placed your customised report (be it Crystal Reports or SSRS) into the correct folder location. An example using the Sales Order Acknowledgement is detailed below:

For Crystal Reports use: \\servername\Epicor905\Server\reports\CustomReports\SOForm.rpt
For SSRS use: \\servername\Epicor905\SSRS\reports\SalesOrderAcknowledgementNew\SOForm

So – within the Epicor application go to the ‘System Maintenance –> Company Maintenance –> Report Style’ screen and click the ‘Report ID’ button to search for your report. Select your desired report and then expand the navigation tree on the left hand side of the screen. You will see that there is already one (or more) ‘Report Style’ in existence. Click on the ‘Styles’ tab of the main screen and then click the ‘File –> New –> New Report Style’ option from the screen menu so that you can create a new ‘Report Style’. You must supply a ‘Description’, a ‘Report Type’, and a ‘Report Location’ (you can leave the ‘Data Definition’ field alone).  The ‘Report Location’ must be the location of your customised form. So for example, your customised Crystal Reports Sales Order Acknowledgement would have ‘reports/CustomReports/SOForm.rpt‘ as the ‘Report Location’ (and ‘reports/SalesOrderAcknowledgementNew/SOForm‘ for SSRS)

You are then free to specify which companies your new ‘Report Style’ is valid for and if it is to be the default for that company, in the bottom section of the screen.

I hope the above explains simply and easily how you can setup Epicor to run your customised report forms.

Note: The above should be valid for both the Vantage8 and Epicor9 applications


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